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Our first nutrition facility is founded in the UK.


We publish our first scientific review of the nutrient requirements of dogs.

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Our first original research paper is published in the Veterinary Record, investigating the iodine requirements of budgerigars.

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We open our first nutrition research facility on the Mars Petcare site, Melton Mowbray, UK.

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Our nutrition research centre moves to Waltham-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire, UK.


The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition opens at our current site.

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We help determine the amino acid requirements for dogs.

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Our research is used to help define the National Research Council (NRC) guidelines for cats.


We determine the levels of taurine required in wet and dry pet food to meet the nutritional needs of cats.

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We publish the first edition of the WALTHAM™ Book of Cat and Dog Nutrition.

1985 dog and cat nutrition guide heritage


Our purpose-built pet facilities designed to enrich the lives of our pets are opened.


We publish the second edition of the WALTHAM™ Book of Companion Animal Nutrition.

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Princess Anne (HRH The Princess Royal) opens our latest cat care unit.

1994 unveiling heritage


Working with Mars Petcare product development teams we demonstrate that that one diet can help to control the formation of both struvite and oxalate stones in cats.

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Our scientists determine the levels of zinc and linoleic acid required to maintain good skin and coat condition in dogs.

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We develop the first real time, non invasive measure of odiferous flatulence in dogs and the first nutritional supplement to reduce it.

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Our researchers demonstrate the use of chicory for gastrointestinal health.

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We demonstrate that the natural dietary carotenoid lutein, enhances the colour in common goldfish.

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With Mars Petcare product developers we demonstrate that a diet supplemented with green lipped mussel is beneficial for joint health maintenance.

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We demonstrate that a diet low in phosphorus and protein doubles the lifespan of cats diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

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A sensory garden for our elderly, convalescent and juvenile dogs is opened and our state of the art laboratory is built.


Our scientists demonstrate the positive effect of dietary antioxidants on puppy and kitten immune health.

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Working with Mars Horsecare we support the launch of the first scientifically proven respiratory support formula for horses.

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We determine that cats prefer approximately 50% of their daily calorie intake from protein, 40% from fat and 10% from carbohydrate.

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Together with the University of Liverpool and Royal Canin, Waltham established the first pet weight management referral clinic in Europe

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In collaboration with Monell Chemical Senses Center our scientists determine that cats do not have active taste receptors to sugar.

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Our researchers determine the macronutrient profile of food preferred by dogs. Approximately 60% of their daily calorie intake from fat, 30% from protein and 10% from carbohydrate.

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Our new people and pets facility is opened.

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We develop a body condition score guide for budgerigars.

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As part of a global scientific collaboration, we determine that a single gene is a major determinant in dog size.

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We receive the pioneer award from the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organization (IAHIO) for our contribution to the field of human-companion animal bond.

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Our new laboratory facility is opened.

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We establish a partnership with the National Institute of Child Health & Development (NICHD) to support further research into Human Animal Interactions (HAI).

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With external collaborators we determine the genetic switches linked to stereotypical canine characteristics.

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With the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) and key academics, we establish a new safe upper level of vitamin A for puppies.

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A sensory garden for our elderly, convalescent and juvenile dogs is opened and our state of the art laboratory is built.


Waltham opens new Aquacentre.

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With the National Institutes of Health (NIH) public private partnership we co-edit two books on the interaction between humans and animals.

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Waltham co-author a book on the benefits of dog walking for people and pets.

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In collaboration with external research partners we discover that when obese dogs lose weight, their owners notice significant improvement in their quality of life.

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We celebrate 50 years of WALTHAM™ science

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Waltham publishes two landmark studies that shed light on the bacteria associated with oral health in dogs

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Waltham opens new purpose built care facility for small dogs

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